Wildlife Stock Footage

Wildlife Footage

Apes – Gorillas, chimpanzees
Predators – lions, cheetah, leopards
Herbivores – elephants, zebras, gazelles, giraffe, rhinos
Insects – ants, leaf insect
This is a diverse archive of footage shot in Africa that contains smaller things from insects to larger ecosystems.
It includes individual animals and herd/group behavior.

Scenic Africa Footage

Tanzania and Kenya wildlife, Virunga National Park, weather-related, sunsets
, volcanos of Africa – Mt. Nyiragongo volcano, Mt. Lengai, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Dankil Ethiopia, Erta Ale volcano.

Time Lapse Footage

Weather-related, sunsets, scenic

High-Speed Footage

Lots filmed in slow motion including predators and general wildlife

Conservation Footage

Rhinos, anti-poaching, poaching

Kenya Game Conservancies

Ol Pejeta, Northern White Rhinos, Hirola Capture, Rhino translocation, wildlife capture, Elephant translocation

Kilimanjaro Footage

Volcanic aspects, climbing, ecology, wildlife, time lapse

Country-Specific Footage

Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, DR Congo



Red Epic, Red Weapon, Red 8K Helium, and coming soon – Red Vista Vision

Please email for details and rates. michaelds (at) digitalcrossing dot ca

4k, 6k, 8k stock footage available

Footage Demo Reel Shot on Red Epic in 5k

A short film following the wildebeest as they embark on 500km year long odyssey in the Serengeti. The wildebeest migration is one of the most spectacular natural events on our planet. Footage is all shot on the Red Epic in 5K.

African Footage in 4k

4k wildlife footage shot on locations in Tanzania, and Kenya, Africa including the Serengeti National Park.