Digital Crossing Productions a pioneer and leader in 8k technology in North America and all current productions are filmed in 8k, offering breathtaking images like never seen before.


IMAX® & Giant Screen Films

Volcanoes – The Fires of Creation (in production)
Secrets of the Serengeti (in production)


8K Programs

Elemental Earth 4 x 1 hour (in production)
Ring of Fire 1 x 1 hour (in production)
Secrets of the Serengeti 4 x 1 hour (in production)


4K Programs

Nomads of the Serengeti 5 x 1 hour (Oasis HD, Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Channel Asia)
Volcanic Odysseys 5 x 1 hour (Oasis HD, TV3, Smithsonian Channel)
Kenya Wildlife Diaries 6 x 1 hour (Oasis HD, Smithsonian Channel)


HD Programs

Ol Pejeta Diaries 20 x 1/2 hour (Oasis HD, Animal Planet, France 5)
Ultmiate Africa 9 x 1 hour (Animal Planet, National Geographic)
Volcanic Odyssey 4 x 1/2 hour