Digital Crossing Productions has begun what is believed to be the first documentary nature series shot in 8K.  Elemental Earth is shooting now around the world using one of the first 8K production Camera.  This stunning new format is years ahead of the pack, offering breathtaking images like never seen before.


Volcanoes – The Fires of Creation – IMAX/Giant Screen

Serengeti Story  – 8K (In Pre-Production)
Elemental Earth – Now shooting in 8K
Volcanic Odysseys II (Wrapping) – Oasis HD, Smithsonian Channel
Kenya Wildlife Diaries (Wrapped) – Oasis HD, Smithsonian Channel
Nomads of the Serengeti – Oasis HD, Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Channel Asia
Volcanic Odysseys – Oasis HD, TV3
Ol Pejeta Diaries 1hr Special
Ol Pejeta Diaries – Seasons I, II, II (Oasis HD, Animal Planet, France 5
Ultmiate Africa – Animal Planet, National Geographic