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About Volcanoes- The Fires of Creation

About Volcanoes - The Fires of Creation

Volcanoes is the story of earth’s creation

It explores the contribution of volcanoes to the great wildlife ecosystems we have today and their impact on humans and the world we live in.

4.5 billion years ago the first volcanoes on Earth came into existence. Massive volcanic eruptions gave rise to the first islands and continents on our planet during this intense phase. Life began to take hold and thrive within these volcanic landscapes, creating the first ecosystems on Earth.

Volcanoes explores the contributions that some of the world’s most spectacular volcanoes have made to some of Earth’s greatest ecosystems, and how they continue to influence them today.

This film also looks at how volcanoes have impacted humans, both in the past, and how they continue to affect people around the world.

Join National Geographic photographer Carsten Peter and witness one of nature’s most breathtaking shows.