Stock Footage

4k stock footage of lava at a volcano8k Has arrived! We are now shooting on Red’s brand new Helium 8K sensor. Please send us an email about what we have in our stock footage library.

We specialize in ultra-high resolution 4 to 8k images of East African wildlife and culture. 4k stock footage of people watching lava at nightFrom the plains of the Serengeti to the Summit of Kilimanjaro we’ve got your stock footage needs covered. Our collections include animal behavior, amazing time-lapse, and incredible scenic shots, all shot on Red 8K Helium, Red Epic & Red Weapon cameras. Check out our African stock footage reel and 2013 reel below!

In addition to our 4k , 5k and 8k footage, we have extensive HD and UHD collections of wildlife.

Kenya Game Conservancies; Ol Pejeta, Northern White Rhinos, Hirola Capture, Rhino translocation, wildlife capture, Elephant translocation.4k Stock footage of Africa - zebra in the Serengeti

Volcano stock Footage; Etna, Lengai, Bromo, Erte Ale with Lava flows, Bromo, Krakatoa, Montserrat, Hawaii’s Kilauea.