IMAX® – Secrets of the Serengeti

Secrets of the Serengeti

Secrets of the Serengeti movie poster

Release Date: 2019
Traversing Africa’s largest remaining wildlife ecosystem is one of the most epic migration stories of all time.

What exactly triggers this ancient cycle remains unclear, but it begins with the action of a single wildebeest, soon followed by over 1.5 million more. Etched in their DNA is the overpowering instinct to undertake this challenging migration, that eventually includes hundreds of thousands of gazelles, zebras and elands.

Beyond estimating the impressive wildlife numbers on their migratory routes across the iconic Serengeti, there was very little research on how it all worked together. This began to change in the 1970’s, when a young scientist named Tony Sinclair looked at the bigger picture. He was obsessed with the entire ecosystem of over 40,000 square kilometres and analyzing its many parts. New questions kept emerging and some patterns were beginning to form.

What roles do the biggest mammals to the smallest insects and plants all play – from dangerous predators to the seemingly insignificant grasses? What are the impacts of the rainy and dry seasons? How is it all interconnected, and how interdependent are the flora and fauna?

It was one of the greatest puzzles of nature, waiting to be solved. Together with a team of international scientists, this mystery would become his life’s work. Little did he know that his and his colleagues’ discoveries would not only reveal the laws of nature governing the complex Serengeti, but the rules that affect all ecosystems.