Film Outfitting/Aerials – Tanzania

Camera Rentals
Red Dragon (Carbon Fibre) Package, with lenses and mics.

Production Services in Tanzania
We can provide full service on film productions in Tanzania.  Red Camera rentals Tanzania etc.

Drone Services / Aerials in Tanzania
Looking for aerials or drone filming in Tanzania?  Rentals and productions services for Tanzania.  We have several UAV based in Tanzania with the ability and skill to meet your needs.

*Please note that special permission is require to film inside national park.  A government film permit is required for foreign productions.

To compliment your needs we have a growing archive of stock footage to choose from.  Aerial, wildlife, Culture etc in formats from HD to UHD and beyond.  We have a large collection for 5K, 6K & 8K footage shot on Red.

Please email for details and rates. michaelds (at) digitalcrossing dot ca